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The LH 50 M Timber is equipped as standard with all-wheel drive. As a result, it demonstrates maneuverability with the highest level of driving stability and improved directional stability. Combined with the rigid operator cab elevation for outstanding all-round vision, the LH 50 M Timber is a reliable partner in timber handling operations. The equipment was designed specifically for timber handling and thereby assures high load capacities with a large reach at the same time.

•Increased Engine Output - Engine output has been increased from 160 kW to 170 Kw compared to the predecessor models, giving the system more torque for more powerful movement. Furthermore, load peaks are compensated cleverly, meaning maximum torque is available at all times for maximum handling capacity.

•Captivating Dynamics - The combination of 170 kW of engine output and a high pump delivery volume guarantees maximum acceleration and speed of working motions.

•4-Wheel Steering - The standard 4-wheel steering provides great agility and maneuverability of the log loader, even in the tight space of a timber yard. Furthermore, the 4-wheel steering increases driving stability and improves the driving in one lane.

•Closed Hydraulic Circuit For The Swing Mechanism - The closed slewing circuit feeds the braking energy back into the system when the uppercarriage is braked. Here, new standards are set in terms of efficiency and economy. Simple yet effective.

•Liebherr-Power Efficiency (LPE) - LPE optimizes the interaction of the drive components in terms of efficiency and enables machine operation in the area of the lowest specific fuel use for less consumption and greater efficiency with the same performance.

•Efficient Drive Operation - The electric swivel angle adjustment in the drive motor provides for more torque, maximum acceleration and higher traction. That allows a constantly high performance to be called up even on uphill grades. Optimal adjustment of speed and delivery volume ensures impressive fuel efficiency even at maximum speed.

•Quality and Competence - Our experience, understanding of customer needs and the technical implementation of these findings guarantee the success of the product. For decades, Liebherr has been inspirational with its knowledge of production and system solutions. Key components such as the diesel engine, electronic components, slew ring, swivel drive and hydraulic cylinders are developed and produced by Liebherr itself. The great depth of in-house manufacturing guarantees maximum quality and ensures that components are optimally configured to each other.

•Protective Devices - Especially in tough timber application the material handlers are used heavily. The optional protective devices extend the component service life and guarantee high machine availability with maximum safety for people and machine.

•Intelligent Self Diagnostics - The clever control electronics permanently monitor the vital functions of the machine to guarantee a high level of machine availability. Components which are critical for safety are designed with redundancy to guarantee maximum safety.

•Proportional Control - In timber yards, where space is tight, precision and fine control are especially important. The 4-way mini-joystick with its proportional control make for efficient use of the machine. The streamlined design and ergonomic form of the joystick further increase functionality directly in the hands of the operator for simple and efficient control.

•Slewing Gear Brake Comfort - The standard slewing gear brake comfort control allows the selection between the mode manual, semiautomatic and automatic.

This standard slewing gear brake in the manual mode can be opened and closed with the button on the joystick. In the semiautomatic mode the slew gear brake can also be closed manually but automatically opened again when the uppercarriage is moved via the joystick control.

The automatic mode allows the slewing gear brake to be closed automatically when the predefined time, set by the operator, has passed and the uppercarriage has stopped moving. It can be opened automatically as soon as the uppercarriage is moved via the joystick control.

By opening and closing the slewing gear brake automatically the operator can work faster and more safely with less effort.

•Service-based Machine Design - The service-based machine design guarantees short servicing times, thus minimizing maintenance costs due to the time it saves. All the maintenance points are easily accessible from the ground and easy to reach due to the large, wide-opening service doors. The enhanced service concept places the maintenance points close to each other and reduces their number to a minimum. This means that service work can be completed even more quickly and efficiently.

•Integral Maintenance Benefits - Completing maintenance work helps keep the machine fully functional. Maintenance work does, however, mean machine down times which must be minimized. Automatic central lubrication systems for attachment and the uppercarriage as well as optional systems for the undercarriage, quick coupling system and working tools not only make it easier to observe the recommended lubrication intervals and ensure a long service life for the components, but also increase the productivity of the Liebherr log loader LH 50 M Timber.

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