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2020 LIEBHERR T284

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The Liebherr T 284 mining truck represents Liebherr’s advancement of the successful T 282 C. It continues to be the lightest (lowest empty vehicle weight) and most capable (highest payload) ultra-class mining truck, while offering reduced fuel consumption, delivering over 4,000 hp. This further improved machine enables customers to meet production targets with fewer trucks, or in less time.

• Working Harder and Faster — Intelligent design allows the Liebherr range of haul trucks to move more tonnes per hour by maximizing payload and minimizing cycle times.

• Performance — The T 284 offers consistent performance by combining the efficient Litronic Plus AC drive system with a high power diesel engine, yielding higher speeds on grade. With the advanced hydraulic design and fast cycle times, the T 284 moves more material in less time.

• Drivability — Liebherr is committed to designing mining trucks that operators want to drive. The ergonomic T 284 cab and superior properties of the front suspension system fulfills this commitment, promoting driver efficiency with superior comfort, safety, acceleration and handling.

• Flexibility — Meet productivity targets while minimizing fuel consumption, with the flexible, application-specific engine recommendations by Liebherr. Select from multiple engine options with power ratings up to 3,000 kW (4,023 HP) to make the most of any mine.

• By hauling more per cycle, the T 284 allows customers to maximize the return on their investment and to meet production targets with fewer trucks, or in less time. This ultra-class truck is capable of hauling up to 375 tonnes / 413 tons, and is well-matched with a variety of hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, and rope shovels. Pairing the T 284 with either the R 996 B or the R 9800 hydraulic excavator offers a highly compatible and productive combination.

• By hauling more per cycle, the T 284 allows customers to maximize the return on their investment and to meet production targets with fewer trucks, or in less time. This ultra-class truck is capable of hauling up to 375 tonnes / 413 tons, and is well-matched with a variety of hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, and rope shovels. Pairing the T 284 with either the R 996 B or the R 9800 hydraulic excavator offers a highly compatible and productive combination.

• Moving More for Less — Efficiency is a key ingredient for a successful mining operation. Liebherr mining equipment enables customers to enjoy unrivaled performance while reducing cost per tonne.

• Hydraulic System Innovation — Variable hydraulic systems within the T 284 lowers machine parasitic losses, providing maximum power to ground while lowering fuel consumption when power is not required.

• Optimal Energy Transformation — Convert electrical power into mechanical torque efficiently with the T 284’s Litronic Plus Drive system. Fewer electrical losses translate into higher rim pull forces for faster cycle times and increased fuel economy.

• Intelligent Power Usage — Engine power usage is optimized by running auxiliary components such as pumps, fans and motors only when needed. Fuel is conserved when the engine is idling and more power is available to accelerate and climb grades when required.

• Reduce maintenance time with ground-level service points and strategically located sight glasses. Easy access for servicing means less time spent in the workshop and more time spent in operation.

• Liebherr components are designed and built to perform for extended periods of time, which is why the T 284 mining truck runs longer between component overhauls, saving time and money.

• Ready to Work When You Need It — Liebherr draws upon a wealth of experience while incorporating new technologies into products to provide customers with high quality equipment and services.

• Component Integration — Liebherr’s solid reputation as a quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) stems from consistent development and production of high-quality strategic mining components. The robust T 284’s mining-optimized components are developed, manufactured, and controlled by Liebherr, ensuring top performance and reliability for the entire machine.

• Advanced Engineering — Liebherr’s structural design process includes various techniques and cutting-edge software tools to ensure that the T 284 will perform reliably, even under the most demanding conditions:
- Multi-body Dynamic Simulations
- 3D Modeling
- Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
- Structural Fatigue Life Prediction Software

• Special Environment Packages — Liebherr offers an array of specific solutions for customers working in extreme environments. These packages guarantee that the T 284 will be fit for any working conditions.

• Live Monitoring and Diagnostics — Liebherr’s Mining Data (LMD) portal monitors, records, and downloads vital truck health and performance data. This advanced system allows detailed analysis of such insights, along with predictive maintenance strategies to minimize unscheduled downtime. This data is readily available to fleet dispatch or monitoring systems through a dedicated portal, allowing customers the flexibility to choose systems which support their unique requirements for maintenance, operations, and business processes.

• Strict Quality Management — Liebherr monitors quality at every stage of production, beginning with machine design and simulations, to ensure that each product meets the highest standards of steel casting materials. Based on the expertise of certified internal auditors and a highly qualified workforce, all manufacturing process steps meet the most comprehensive control, monitoring, and traceability requirements. Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News Co. is ISO 9001 certified.

• World-Class Support, Everywhere, Every Day — As a global mining solutions provider, Liebherr is more than a mining equipment manufacturer. Ensuring a permanent dialogue with each machine owner, Liebherr provides tailored assistance to customer specific project and site requirements.

• International Service Organization — Liebherr Service Support has always been an important focus for the company. Complete service during all operating phases from machinery installation to problem solving, spare parts inventory, and technical service. Our service team is close to our customers, delivering the best specific maintenance solution to reduce both equipment downtime and repair costs.

• Complete Training Programs — The Liebherr Mining Training System provides blended training sessions for operator and maintenance staff to encourage productive, cost-effective and safe mining operation. The Liebherr Mining Training System employs online learning programs, factory and on-site sessions, and simulator training.

• Reduced Costs and Investments — Over the course of a mining machine’s lifetime, major components must be replaced to ensure continued safety, productivity and reliability. The Liebherr Mining Remanufacturing Program offers an OEM alternative to purchasing brand new replacement components. Enabling customers to achieve lowest possible equipment life-cycle costs without compromising quality, performance or reliability.

• Local Availability — With an international service network and component facilities worldwide, component repair services and exchange components are available to customers regardless of their location.

• Performance — Using genuine Liebherr components ensures the best interaction within your machine, encouraging optimal performance and most effective machine operation. For all major components, Liebherr relies on its Liebherr Maintenance Management System to follow and monitor service life while predicting maintenance activities.

• Partnership — Liebherr regularly reviews requirements for parts and components for individual machines, based on operating hours, consumption and planned maintenance, resulting in minimized down time for customers. With access to the global stock via all Liebherr Mining warehouses, you will improve productivity by having the part you need, when you need it.

• Protecting Your Most Important Assets — Liebherr designs and builds safety into every piece of mining equipment, and is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for the operator and service personnel.

• Operator Safety — The ergonomic design of the T 284 cab creates a safe, comfortable, and productive environment for operators. The cab provides maximum visibility utilizing tinted safety glass windows and is certified for roll-over and falling-object protection. The integrated HVAC system provides comfort in all temperature extremes. All Liebherr trucks offer at least two safety routes from the cab to the ground.

• Stability and Control — The innovative advanced Traction Control System improves steering and truck stability, and extends tire life even in the most challenging conditions.

• Operational Safety — A safe working environment is critical for every mine site, which is why the T 284 offers the following:
- Payload overload warnings
- Anti roll-back feature, active in forward and reverse
- Certified steering and braking accumulators
- High visibility LED running and service lights
- Engine shutdown switches in cab and at ground level

• Service Personnel Safety — Liebherr mining trucks are equipped with ladders and platforms allowing easy engine access. The low working heights of maintenance areas provide safe and efficient service access.
- Access to the engine and alternator from both sides of the chassis
- Ground level filling points for fuel, hydraulic oil, grease, and coolant
- Ground level accessible hydraulic filters and battery isolation box
- Isolation capabilities included as standard, battery isolation, engine start lockout, and propulsion lockout switches to allow for all types of maintenance activities
- Dual access into axle box
- Anchor points for safety harnesses
- Centralized access to all cab electrical connections from the superstructure floor

• Mining Responsibly — In order to minimize environmental impact, Liebherr designs and builds mining equipment with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

• Low Emissions — Liebherr partners with leading providers of high-speed diesel engines, incorporating Tier 4 Final certified engine technology, to provide customers with a choice of efficient and reliable engine solutions. Tier 4 solutions are designed to reduce emissions and satisfy local requirements established by the EPA for all new mining and construction equipment. This practical consideration is an example of Liebherr’s commitment to customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability, and continuous improvement.

• Fuel Efficiency — Liebherr’s Litronic Plus drive system paired with the latest engine technology provides excellent fuel economy, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the entire operation.

• Sound Solutions — Reduce truck noise emissions drastically with factory engineered Sound Attenuation packages featuring a low speed fan, enclosed engine bay, and custom mufflers. This ultra-quiet option gives customers the flexibility to run operations day or night, without disturbing nearby residential areas.

• Component Exchange — The Liebherr Exchange Program extends component life- cycles, reduces waste by overhauling components using original core parts, and contributes to environmental sustainability through material and energy savings.

• Environmental Awareness — Liebherr is committed to the protection of the environment and takes necessary steps to meet various regulatory requirements in the manufacturing process to restrict the use of hazardous substances. This includes the use of alternative coatings and plating that reduce the overall impact on the environment.

Technical innovation, brand reliability, and excellent productivity make Liebherr trucks impressive. The trusted diesel-electric drive concept ensures the highest level of cost-effectiveness and, when paired with a Liebherr R 996 B or R 9800 mining excavator, the trucks are perfectly suited for the demands of mining environments. Customers can expect a high level of performance from these machines at the lowest cost per ton.

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